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Why should your organisation support MDVS?

It can be difficult to find a cause that everyone in your organisation cares about and supports. One cause that unites even the most diverse of workforces is that of Domestic Violence. Most people believe that women and children have a right to live their lives free from all forms of violence and abuse, and that everyone has a right to live in safety and to have a future without fear.

Personal Safety is vital to an individual’s quality of life. By developing a relationship with a charity that helps to raise awareness of domestic violence and providing a source of practical and realistic ways to live safer, more confident lives, you can directly enhance the lives of your staff.  Your organization will be recognized as a company that is prepared to support innovative work to tackle a real and prevalent social problem. By supporting the MDVS Trust, you will be enabling us to develop new and improved resources to help people learn about keeping themselves safe. You will also be assisting us in helping those who most need our help and you will be supporting our campaigns for a safer society.

We like to work with each individual corporate supporter to build a partnership that is right for both of us. If you decide to work with us, you will have a personal contact at the Trust who will explain the many ways you can introduce a domestic violence strategy for your employees, even develop sponsorship opportunities for your brand to be recognised alongside MDVS’s pioneering work

Working with us will establish your company as one that wants to work towards improving the community within which you work, as well as one that wants to have a positive effect upon the lives of its staff. Find out about how to donate to MDVS

What is Corporate Community Involvement?