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Domestic violence in North Liverpool six times higher than national average

Domestic violence in North Liverpool six times higher than national average

Author: Steph Niciu @StephNiciu

DOMESTIC violence in North Liverpool is six times higher than the national average, a Liverpool City Council report has revealed.

Eight Labour councillors came together in April, to express their concern at the loss of important services in city, which help prevent violence against women and girls.

They called upon Mayor Joe Anderson to contact the Minister of State and Crime Prevention, Norman Baker to voice their issues and blamed government-imposed spending cuts of £173m.

On average, 12,000 calls are made to Merseyside Police each year in relation to incidents of domestic violence.

Cllr Michelle Corrigan said:  “The figures for domestic violence in North Liverpool are worse than sad, they are worrying.  There is no single reason for this high level of violence but it fuelled by alcohol, low income and low self-esteem.

Supporting victims and providing education to professionals who come into contact with them is imperative to reducing the numbers of women affected.  We cannot afford to lose these valuable services.

“People die because of this level of violence and we need to do something to stop this happening.”

The councillors also warned that young females in Liverpool are at risk of being taken to Africa to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This is defined by the World Health Organisation as ‘procedures including partial or total removal of the external genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.’

Despite it being illegal in the UK since 1985, no government strategy or task force exists to combat the issue.

FGM is almost always carried out on very young girls and is also a form of child abuse.  The last study showed that 22,000 children are at risk in England, including Liverpool, and children are being taken to Africa for the procedure.

The councillors wanted the city council to recognise the need for change around victims reporting gender based violence of all types.

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