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Five Ways Rape Culture Exists Unnoticed And Goes Unchecked In Our Everyday Life

We’ve been hearing a lot about rape culture these days. The brutal and lethal rape in India, the sheer malignance of the high school boys in Steubenville, the House of Representative’s refusal to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

A lot of really brilliant folks have been talking about these atrocities in terms of rape culture, and rightly so. These are the largest, most visible ways in which rape culture is perpetuated.

But the problem with focusing on just these stories – these awful, inexcusable stories – is that we avert our attention from the very real ways in which we contribute to a culture of rape apologia, a culture where sexual violence is largely expected and made insignificant by cultural norms.

As I’ve been reading the outrage, all righteous and important, I keep feeling that something is missing. The attention to the smaller ways in which we all participate in rape culture, and the ways in which rape culture shows up in our everyday lives in subtle ways.

The covert nature of rape culture too often goes unnoticed, unspoken.

If we want to change the status of women in our world, in our communities, we must first look beyond the overt ways in which rape apologia exists and see how it shows up in our everyday life.

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