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Husband killed and burnt wife, then took world trip on her cash

A man murdered his wife a week after they were married before using her money to go travelling around the world.
Jamie Starbuck, 36, was jailed for life after admitting murdering and disposing of his wife Debbie’s body before fleeing Britain.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Starbuck dismembered and burnt his 44-year-old wife’s body in the garden of their home in Old Basford, Nottinghamshire. Judge Michael Stokes QC called it a “grotesque and inhumane act” and the most horrific he had encountered in his long career.

The court heard that prior to meeting her husband, Mrs Starbuck, a self-employed proofreader, had inherited £150,000 following the death of her mother. Mrs Starbuck met her husband via the internet in July 2009 and they married nine months later at West Bridgford register office in April 2010.

It is believed she was killed eight days later.

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