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Reporting College Rapes: How Campuses Address Abuse

This fall, HuffPost reconnected with Angie Epifano, a 22-year-old rape survivor who dropped out of Amherst College, an elite school that she claims ignored her report and protected her rapist instead. Months earlier, she sought to improve the support for victims of sexual assault on the Amherst College campus, believing that she hadn’t done enough.

So Epifano wrote about the incident in her personal journal and submitted a version of the entry to the student newspaper “to prove to myself I wasn’t crazy, that everything had happened,” she said. The essay was quickly shared with readers across the country, and Epifano said she was overwhelmed by the response she received.

While Epifano sought to translate her trauma into catharsis, few are afforded the same chance, and even fewer receive justice. In July 2012, fellow Amherst College student Trey Malone jumped from a bridge near his hometown in southern Florida. His suicide note characterized — to more than a million eventual readers — a bright student estranged from his own life following a single instance of abuse.

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