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Benefits of CCI

Benefits of CCI

What is Corporate Community Involvement and what are the benefits?

The relations between a company and the community in which it has a presence or impact

Community Corporate Involvement (CCI) is an integral and perhaps one of the most important parts of a company’s corporate social responsibility activities and includes programmes that advance the interest of both the company and the community within which it operates. It includes:

•    donations and contributions of all kinds
•    employee volunteering
•    community-based programmes
•    relationships with civic, professional and non-profit organisations

Why Do it?
Corporate Community Involvement Makes Business Sense
‘Investing’ resources, time, expertise and influence to empower those less fortunate and the disadvantaged in the community can yield substantial returns for your organisation. A company can only be truly successful if the community is.

Strengthened Employee Loyalty and Productivity
In today’s competitive workplace, companies need to move beyond monetary incentives to attract the best people. Businesses who address the whole individual attract and retain better staff. Employees who participate in community service feel more committed to the organisation and are more motivated and productive.

Increased Customer Loyalty and Goodwill
Businesses need to distinguish themselves in a market where customers are becoming more sophisticated and discerning. Studies have shown that consumers would switch their purchases to businesses contributing to charities and engaging with local causes.

Enhanced Corporate Image
A company’s involvement with the community is now one of the opinion yardsticks used by shareholders, customers, employees, potential investors, business partners, government agencies and other community groups.

Sources of Competitive Advantage and Innovation
In today’s increasingly globalised society, traditional competitive advantage is less significant. Businesses are searching for more hard-to-imitate, less tangible sources of competitive advantage that include corporate community involvement programmes. Companies have learned that applying their energies to solving social problems stimulates their own business development.

Attract Ethically Minded Investors
A demonstrable corporate social responsibility programme is a vital criterion for investors when deciding where to put their money.

Networking Opportunities
Those companies actively involved in their local community have wider access to networks that offer possibilities for the exchange of ideas, collaboration and for new business opportunity.

Why not get involved and see how you could benefit from giving back to the local community?

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