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0151 709 8770

0778 094 8890

How You Can Work in Partnership with MDVS

Get involved in sponsoring a MDVS project. You can sponsor a project in its entirety or part of a project

Community Fundraising Activities
Commit to providing a team to take part in local sponsored sporting activities

Pro Bono Consultancy
Where an appropriate and experienced professional is available in house, your company can offer the project pro bono consultancy, contributing time and experience to help MDVS develop new and existing skills.

Co-hosting Event
There are opportunities to attend, host or sponsor a fundraising or community event.

Gifts or Service in Kind
Donations of unwanted office or other equipment and services to our network of charities are a vital resource for all under funded charities.

Matched Funding
Businesses can show their support of any sponsorship their employees raise by matching their funds from company reserves. There are tax incentives when companies donate money to charity.

Payroll Giving
Payroll giving enables employees to make regular, tax-efficient and stress free donations straight from their gross monthly salary to any charitable organisation.

Want To Find Out More?
Why not get involved and see how you could benefit from giving back to the local community? If you would like to talk further please call 0151 709 8770 or email MDVS


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The Mutual Benefits of Charities and Business