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The Mutual Benefits of Charities and Businesses

Charities give to Businesses

•    Higher stakeholder awareness from add-on PR.
•    Opportunity to invest practical help in the community.
•    Increased knowledge of the local community.
•    Enhanced capabilities of the employee as pro-bono consultants.
•    Enhanced company image and profile as staff involved become company “ambassadors”.

Businesses give to Charities

•    Acquiring professional expertise and skills for which the organisation would not otherwise have funds.
•    Acquiring management skills that bring a fresh, creative approach to problem solving.
•    Gaining experience from a large organisation resulting in a more business-like approach.
•    Business representatives as promoters (spokespersons) for community initiatives.

Want To Find Out More?
Why not get involved and see how you could benefit from giving back to the local community?

If you would like to talk further,  please call  0151 709 8770 or email MDVS