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journeyMales Actively Seeking Change

Merseyside Domestic Violence Services have brought their many years of experience working with the victims of domestic abuse to the design and delivery of the MASC programme. This is the only voluntary programme for the ‘non-convicted’ male perpetrators of domestic violence in Liverpool, and has been well received by both participants and professionals.

There have been excellent outcomes for the participants of the programme, victims of domestic violence and their families.

For example:

  • 91% of families worked with had reduced levels of domestic violence
  • 87% had their assessed risk level downgraded
  • 73% of ex/partners said that abuse had decreased and their safety had increased.

Participants in the programme have seen decreased anxiety and anger, and increased health and wellbeing.

Productive relationships between MDVS and key partner agencies, such as Children’s Services and Merseyside Police, have meant that more perpetrators have accessed the programme year-on-year, meaning that more families have had reduced effects of domestic violence and increased safety. These relationships have also enabled MDVS to report on participants’ progress and receive updates on their outcomes.

“During the course I have learnt to look at my own behaviour in conflict situation. Empathy was a massive thing I’ve learnt and understanding my partners needs!”

Through a variety of actions, MDVS have raised awareness of both the MASC programme and the effects of domestic abuse. They are actively involved in the local strategy group (VAWG), and work with many organisations, including community fire stations, Liverpool city safe, Addaction and Compass.

“My son has stopped stuttering, I think its because I don’t shout anymore!”

Throughout the project, MDVS have continued to develop the MASC programme, responding to needs identified by both participants and partner agencies. Review of the programme in the local context has shown a significant gap in local provision of perpetrator programmes, and has led them to propose an Integrated Safety Service. The proposed service will continue and enhance the service offered to date, working with both perpetrator and victim, and is in line with the best practice and local and national guidelines for domestic abuse prevention programmes. This gives the opportunity to make a positive difference to not only male perpetrators and women victims of domestic violence, but also to the children of those relationships.

“It’s been very emotional and I know now of the abuse I caused and my role in all the problems we had. My future is brighter now!!”

Our group sessions run 3 times a week:

10.30-12.30 or 16.30-18.30

For any more information on the programme please contact Jacqui: 07780948890